5 K-pop starlets who look totally different without make-up

6 August 2016 / 2 months 3 weeks ago

CL from K-pop quartet 2NE1, rapper Jessi, and Sistar’s Hyorin are all well-known for their thick and strong make-up look on stage.

Their fierce looking faces sometimes even bring about misunderstandings on their personalities.

Make-up, however, is just a temporary coverage, reports The Korea Herald.

The singers’ bare faces look unbelievably young and innocent.

Why is it that they still have flawless, baby skin after all that make-up?


CL is already globally well-known for her unique and artistic style both in music and fashion.

That signature thick eye-liner, smokey eye-makeup with long, spidery eyelashes never fails to maintain her bold style.

When she washes her make-up off, however, she is left with cute little eyes and flawless skin, which looks nowhere close to her full make-up look.


A talented rapper, who recently ended her TV show, “Sister‘s Slam Dunk,” Jessi would always be on top of the list when it comes to fiery make-up looks.

Her husky voice contributes to her heavy image, but her actual personality is nothing like it.

Through several variety shows, such as “Real Men,” Jessi revealed her cheeky and girly personality, as well as her bare baby face.

Hyorin Sistar’s Hyorin is not only famous for her outstanding vocals, but also for her thick make-up look.

On stage, she makes her eyes and lips stand out with thick eye liner, sparkling eye make-up and bright lipstick.

But those who have visited her social media pages know what a baby face she has without make-up.

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