47-year-old Jennifer Aniston named 'World's Most Beautiful Woman'

22 April 2016 / 6 months 3 days ago

Hollywood beauty Jennifer Aniston has been anointed as the world's most beautiful woman by People magazine.

The magazine crowns a celebrity male and female it deems best looking every year.

Jennifer actually received the title once before in 2004 and 12 years later, she's still got it.

"I thought, 'Oh my God,'" she told People.

"There was this sort of very excited, teenage-y kind of moment." The honour comes just as Aniston prepares for her latest big screen role, in the Hollywood movie "Mother's Day," which opens later this month.

At 47-years-old, Jennifer is one of the oldest beauties to be singled out by the magazine.

Another one was last year's honoree, Sandra Bullock, 51.

"Beauty has changed for me over the years," she told the magazine.

"It's really learning to love every single thing about yourself," she said.

She also shared honestly that looking good takes more effort as one grows older.

"We've got to really be mindful of what we put inside our bodies, and how we sleep and take care of ourselves. You can get away with a lot in your 20s," she said. 

She added that beauty is not just about the outside.

It comes with "taking on challenges, and... not feeling like a failure or allowing people to critique your life and make you feel like you've failed at something. That's just toxic noise."

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