46-year-old Annie Yi who married actor 10 years her junior wants to get pregnant to 'complete husband's life'

15 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

46-year-old Annie Yi married Chinese actor Qin Hao who is 10 years younger than her in March this year.

Although Annie has a son with her ex-husband Harlem Yu, she is preparing to get pregnant again, reports Asian Pop News

Recently, Annie posted a photo of her blood test on Weibo, and shared that she was undergoing a pre-pregnancy checkup.

She also said that she wanted to conceive at this age because she wished to complete her husband's life.

"It is really very difficult to get pregnant at this age. However, I hope to Mr Qin know how it feels to experience the feeling of a baby moving in the tummy, and the journey of becoming a father. Love will make one braver and not give up easily. I know there are many parents trying to conceive too. Let's work hard together."

Many netizens also expressed their support to Annie. One netizen, said,

"I admire you deciding to have at the baby age of 46."

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