34-year-old Shawn Yue's response to rumours that he is dating 45-year-old Kitty Yuen

4 August 2016 / 2 months 2 weeks ago

Hong Kong heart-throb Shawn Yue, 34, has recently been surrounded by rumours that he is dating 45-­year-­old radio DJ-­actress Kitty Yuen.

The rumours alleged that Shawn and Kitty had openly declared their relationship during a public event, reports Asianpopnews.

And another allegation was that Shawn praised Kitty for her culinary skills at that event, and even said that she was his dream lover.

Shawn and Kitty’s rumours sparked a lively debate among netizens, some of whom sent their blessings while others simply did not believe it.

Shawn finally responded by posting a photo of himself with a shocked expression on his Instagram account.

He said, “After I woke up this morning, I actually received many messages from friends. Everyone was asking me the same question! My mum even called me and asked!

"My first reaction was…. I am really not getting younger. Everyone is worried about my love life! Kitty, if I still can’t find my other half in a few years’ time, let us really be together!”

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