34-year-old Fala Chen being pursued by 18-year-old classmate in university

6 August 2016 / 2 months 3 weeks ago

34-year-old Fala Chen and Neway heir Daniel Sit split up in 2013.

Fala Chen took a hiatus from acting and temporarily relocated to New York to pursue her masters degree at The Julliard School.

Currently on summer vacation, Fala recently completed a stage play project with Dayo Wong in Hong Kong and was later seen attending a promotional event for the Volvo car brand.

Fala expressed that selecting a car is similar to choosing a boyfriend – it is important that they possess both inner and outer beauty.

To Fala, providing a sense of security is one of the most important qualities in a man, reports JayneStars.

On whether her previous boyfriends made her feel secure, Fala said, “Let’s not talk about this topic. It’s unrelated. But if I’ve chosen someone, he of course gave me a sense of security.”

Since splitting with Fala, Daniel has dated several women.

Most recently, Daniel was spotted celebrating his birthday with a busty new girlfriend.

When asked whether she is aware of his new relationship, Fala said, “You should ask him about his own matters. I didn’t pay much attention to it. We still keep in touch because are friends. I of course wish him the best.”

In contrast with Daniel’s exciting love life, Fala has reportedly been single since the split.

However, the beauty queen has no shortage of pursuers.

“I have pursuers in New York. There is a gutsy guy that is only 18 years old. He is a foreigner and a fellow student.”

However, Fala stressed that she cannot overlook the vast age difference and will not accept his pursuit.

She joked, “He always asks me out on dates. He’s persistent, but I know how to deal with kids.”

Despite having been heavily promoted by TVB before her departure, Fala currently has no intentions of returning.

“I still have two more years of school in the United States. I have to go back to school on September 1, so I can’t take on any long-term projects. I rejected a lot of film projects too. I really don’t have time.”

Although many felt that her educational pursuits came at the height of her career, Fala does not feel regret.

“There are positives to it. Education is for self-improvement, so it’s worth it.”

Fala Chen
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