2NE1's CL posts gorgeous photo online -- but netizens are fixated on something else

17 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

Recently, 2NE1's CL posted a gorgeous photo of herself and her new make-up artist on Instagram.

CL looked beautiful as usual in the photo, but all the attention was on her makeup artist, PONY.

According to a post in Koreaboo, netizens were raving about how beautiful PONY is.

They were shocked to find that the makeup artist for CL was PONY after noticing a photo of her and CL together.

PONY who is extremely famous in Korea for her Youtube make-up channel and her beauty.

Not only is she a YouTuber, she’s even a published author on makeup, helping thousands of Korean girls in advancing their makeup techniques.

Browse through the gallery to see more images of the beautiful PONY. Images via PONY's Instagram

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