1000 jump rope reps, hula-hoops while reading scripts and other weight loss tips from K-pop stars

23 February 2016 / 8 months 1 day ago

Hundreds of celebrities around the world strive to stay fit and look beautiful through losing weight and exercising regularly.

Here are three K-pop stars who have successfully transformed into a gorgeous celebrities after years of continuous effort, reports The Korea Herald.

Actress and K-pop star Suzy is known to have repeatedly surprised her fans by losing weight every time she makes a comeback.

Compared to the beginning of her career, Suzy almost looks like a different person now.

Her secret to losing weight is reportedly her love for pilates and cardio workout.

Some staff members even witness Suzy doing hula-hoops while memorizing her script.

She also hinted that she eats all her meals before 6 p.m.

Yubin of Wonder Girls hit stardom after returning to the hip-hop scene with a new look.

Unlike her former appearance came in the way of her success, she has transformed into a new person after going on a harsh diet.

In an interview with a local media outlet, Yubin said, "I feel stuffy and heavy when I eat three meals a day. Also, I work out every morning and do a thousand rope jumps every day."

Her hard work has resulted in her success, receiving endless praise from fans.

Luna of f(x) not only lost weight, but also changed her overall body figure.

After getting public criticism for her thick thighs and calves, Luna went on a strict diet.

The actress who stars in MBC's "Radio Star" commented that she mostly focused on making her legs slimmer through yoga sessions and massages.

Now, she possesses both a great singing ability and an undeniably beautiful body.

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