You'll be super jealous after seeing what Cecelia Cheung's son got for his birthday

4 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

Source: JayneStars
Lucas Tse, son of Cecilia Cheung and her former husband Nicholas Tse, turned 8 years old on August 2. Cecilia hosted a party for Lucas a day before his birthday. Cecilia’s friends were also invited to the gathering, including actress Pinky Cheung, who gave Lucas a collection of Lego PS4 games as his birthday gift.
Cecilia took many photos at Lucas’ party and shared them online. Lucas had two birthday cakes, in which one was designed to look like a tablet. In another picture, Cecilia, Lucas, and his younger brother Quintus Tse were sporting a classy mustache, which were drawn on their faces. Lucas’ mischievous appearance resembled Cecilia in the 2001 comedy film Shaolin Soccer. Quintus also painted “I love Mum” on his forehead.
Receiving many toys, video games, and a cake designed to look like an iPad, it appears that Lucas is quite a big fan of video and computer games. His father, Nicholas, was not at the birthday party, but it is believed that Nicholas will celebrate his son’s birthday at another time.
See more images of Cecelia Cheung and her children in the gallery below. 

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