Yoga Lin hopes to marry GF Kiki Ting: But there's one thing he needs to do first

20 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

Yoga Lin who was just discharged from military service last month made a public appearance recently.

After being away for a year, Yoga was a little uneasy facing the cameras again, reports Asian Pop News.

He said:

"I feel like a newcomer after returning to work on the first day."

Yoga shared that he was assigned to the arts performing unit in the army and often had many performances.

He said,

"We had to set up the stage and the sound system by ourselves. The training was tough."

Yoga and his girlfriend Kiki Ting have been a stable relationship for a year.

He shared that he kept in touch with Kiki via telephone when he was in the army.

Asked if he would get married to Kiki soon, Yoga said, "I will work hard and be responsible. I hope to move into this direction."

However, Yoga ruled out the possibility of a flash wedding.

"I hope that I am able tot support the family and give her sense a sense of security, when she is at marriageable age."

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