Wong Jing unveils Candy Yuen's replacement -- who's apparently much hotter

29 September 2015 / 1 year 3 weeks ago

Director Wong Jing decided to follow up his HK$10 million hit THE GIGOLO with THE GIGOLO 2, which will air next month. "Jing Girl" Connie Man Hoi Ling and Dominic Ho Ho Man will star in it.

Two days ago, Wong Jing even hinted online that he would have a 'secret weapon' in the sequel, who happened to be the new addition to his company -- Leslie Lam Lei Han.

He seemed to be intending on making her the "new generation Jing Girl". He said, "The company signed an actress with quite a presence and who is sexy too. Everyone, Lam Lei Han! Leslie!" 

According to Hktopten, Wong Jing said that Leslie's sexy appearance in a newspaper caught his eyes. He said, "We only signed her in the past month or two, the contract won't be short and the rate is reasonable for a new comer."

(How did you discover her?) "From your site! Earlier she guest starred in FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 3. Soon she and Man Hoi Ling will be the lead actresses in THE GIGOLO 2. The film will be category IIB so it will be as conceptually daring and sexy as LAN KWAI FONG! She is pretty good, I have plans for her in many films next year!" 

Leslie was both happy and surprised. She said, "As soon as the report hit the street, Brother Jing asked someone to approach me. It really was a pleasant surprise."

(Are you stressed from making THE GIGOLO 2?) "No, I will treat it like a life experience."

She admitted that she did not mind the sexy star typecast. However speaking of her comparison to THE GIGOLO's lead actress Candy Yuen Ka Man, she said, "I am not afraid of comparison, everyone takes their own route."

Leslie who guest starred in FROM 3 earlier revealed that she did not know what to do when she dined with the cast. "That day I went to dinner with Fat Gor and Jing Gor, I haven't finished a sentence yet and I was already nervous. I even pinched my arm until it was bruised. I would have never dreamed that I would be able to dine with them at the same table." 

Dominic admitted that he has already met Leslie and praised her as being decent. They even traded phone numbers.

"Earlier I have rehearsed with her, she has a good figure and young enough, of course she is hotter than Yuen Ka Man!"

(With the unpleasantness last time with Yuen Ka Man, are you afraid this time?) "Actually I am not close with Yuen Ka Man. Leslie is very fresh, we get along great and she is very cute."

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