Woman's pants fall off on amusement park ride

16 January 2016 / 9 months 1 week ago

Jan 15, 2016

Amusement parks are known for thrills and spills, but one thrill seeker seems to have gotten more than she was hoping for.

The young woman was on a ride called the tagada in a Costa Rica amusement park when her pants started to slowly slip off her hips.

Video footage taken by a bystander shows the woman clinging onto the metal bars of the tagada, which is a round bowl-like machine with no seatbelts or restraints. Riders on the tagada are bounced up and down as the machine turns and shakes in all directions.

The strong movements of the tagada proved to be too much for the woman as her pants started to slip past her hips. Horrified, she tried to prevent her pants from falling completely by pushing her them up at the edge of the seat.

Unfortunately, the violent jerks of the machine rendered her efforts useless. Her male companion tried to rescue her by wrapping his legs around her hips, but little could be done as both of them had to keep their hands on the metal bars or risk getting thrown out of the machine.

Instead of salvaging the situation, her boyfriend's actions embarrassed the woman further as he ended up being thrown on top of her as they both bounced up and down in full view of park-goers. The amused crowd laughed, clapped and cheered as the flustered couple tried to prevent the situation from getting worse.

In the end, the woman lost her grip and was thrown to the middle of the machine. By this time, her pants had also fallen past her buttocks, leaving her embarrassed in front of a large crowd of spectators.

The tagada is well-known for causing injuries. Some fair owners have banned the ride due to its notorious reputation and lack of safety. In 2008, a fairground owner and employee in Britain were fined after two people were thrown from the machine. A year later, a 12-year-old was injured after falling almost three metres from the tagada ride at a Birmingham fairground.


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