Woman doesn’t recognize herself after undergoing plastic surgery makeover on Korean TV show

15 February 2016 / 1 year 3 months ago

A woman was overcome with emotion after she saw herself for the first time following a plastic surgery transformation on popular Korean makeover show, “Let Me in”.

The woman named Juri Han had a tilted jaw and her nose was slanted to the side because of the height difference from her jaw.

According to a video uploaded on id hospital korea plastic surgery, her doctor said her eyes were also unbalanced because of her jaw.

Due to her abnormal jaw growth, Juri Han did not pursue her passion for opera singing as her accent made it difficult for others to understand her and she lacked the skills to perform.

Juri Han then appeared on the TV show and underwent surgery to completely transform her looks.

The doctor said that he had to realign her features and after 11 hours of gruelling surgery, Juri Han’s procedure was complete.

She had two jaw correction surgeries and after 64 days the opera singer hopeful saw herself for the first time on the show.

In the video, Juri Han can be seen staring in disbelief for a few seconds as it took her a while to realise that it was her reflection on the screen.

She then breaks down and thanked those around her and said” I believe it now.”

Check out her amazing transformation and reaction in the gallery and watch the videos here.

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