Why Sulli always gets slammed for posting sexy photos -- but HyunA only wins praise

23 July 2016 / 3 months 4 days ago

Lately, former f(x) member Sulli has received a lot of criticism for her risque and provocative posts on Instagram. 

And while netizens have almost unanimously deemed Sulli’s posts crude and inappropriate, others wondered why reactions regarding her posts are so negative.

In fact, fans claimed that fellow female idol 4MINUTE‘s Hyuna has been posting similar photos for years and yet has only been showered with praise.

They accused anti-fans of criticising Sulli for no reason.

Koreaboo has also compiled some comments regarding the difference:

"That’s because she’s always had that image. Even her team goes for the sexy/strong unni concept and she’s not dating. Plus unlike someone, she works hard. And people did criticise her for being too racy during Trouble Maker."

"Since when was Sulli going for the innocent concept? She was just young. She never pretended to be innocent and sweet, you guys are just making things up. So it’s okay for Hyuna because she uses the sexy concept and Sulli doesn’t? No one should be criticised for any post, you idiots."

"I think it’s because of the image difference in the two. Sulli has a cutesy innocent image while Hyuna has always had a sexy/racy image."

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