Why once inseparable 'twin sisters' Angelababy and Janice Man became rivals and fell out

29 July 2016 / 2 months 3 weeks ago

When they both first struck out in showbiz, Janice Man (文詠珊) and Angelababy were inseparable.

The model-turned-actresses debuted together, matured together, and made the decision to pursue the lucrative Hong Kong film industry together. However, circumstances pulled them apart; JM and Baby are no longer as close as they used to be, reports Jayne Stars.

JM and Baby both debuted in 2004 as pseudo models for their respective agencies. Though the media enjoyed pitting them against each other, JM and Baby’s friendship remained solid. They even co-created a fashion brand together, CHOICE.

But after venturing into the film industry and embarking in their own solo careers, that friendship turned into rivalry.

According to Asian Pop News, the duo became more competitive as they rose in fame. JM was said to have accidentally leaked out the news that Angelababy had failed the audition for a movie, and that was what apparently sparked the fall-out.

The negative rumors that came their way deepened the crack even further, to the point where JM wasn’t even invited to Baby and Huang Xiaoming’s (黃曉明) wedding of the century.

But even if that close sisterhood is no longer there, JM said she does not regret meeting Baby. In an interview with the Chinese press, JM said, “The misreporting by the media has really created many misunderstandings between us. These reports can really hurt you.”

JM stressed that it is normal for friends to gradually drift apart over the years and part of life.

“But no matter what,” said JM, “I extremely cherish the memories I have with Baby. I will always have her in my blessings. I cherish all the friends who have appeared in my life. I have nothing to hide, and I will not care how other people write about me.”

See more photos of the former friends in the gallery.

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