Why Moses Chan does not want to be on-screen couple with Aimee Chan

1 July 2016 / 3 months 3 weeks ago

Moses Chan (陳豪) opened up about his children at a recent charity event, sharing tidbits of his family life behind the camera. The 45-year-old actor said he would usually spend his free time at home with the kids, playing building blocks with his two sons.

“They’re very artistic, creative, and quite naughty too. I want to them to know how to rebuild,” said Moses with a smile.

His two sons, Aiden and Nathan, are respectively 2 and 1.

In regards to charity, Moses said he and his wife Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) have sponsored three children over the years. Moses and Aimee often share their letters to their own kids. Moses said he plans to participate in more charity organizations under his kids’ names.

“We want to instill charitable values on our kids,” said Moses. “We’ve also taught them the importance of sharing. It’s common for kids to fight for toys, but it’s always happier playing with someone than playing alone.”

Moses and Aimee’s only daughter, Camilla, was born in April 2016. Asking if Aiden and Nathan would fight for a chance to play with the two-month-old, Moses said, “They do, but their sister is only two months old so she’s always confused at what’s going on. But the three of them play together all the time.”

According to Jayne Stars, Asking if the couple would pursue a fourth child, Moses immediately said, “No! Is three not enough?”

When it comes parenting, Moses admitted that there would be times when he and Aimee would have disagreements, but they’ve never fought over them, emphasizing that it’s important to have a clear mind when solving problems.

Asking if Moses would describe himself as a “monster parent”, he said in a serious manner, “We’re talking about how to teach children right now. Both parents need to be on the same boat. I am definitely not a monster parent. All fathers and mothers would want to give the best things to their kids, but we cannot spoil them.”

Though currently still on a hiatus, Aimee promised fans that she would make a comeback. Moses clarified, “Acting has always been my wife’s dream.”

Asking if he would like to act as a couple with Aimee on screen, Moses said, “As husband and wife, we will always support each other no matter what. I don’t mind teaming up with Aimee for endorsements or events, but not acting. I don’t think the audience would like to see it anyway.” (They do!) “It’s not creative enough.” (What about reality TV?) “We’ll think about that one.”

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