Why it is worrying that reporters spotted Raymond Lam in the same clothes for 3 days

8 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

Despite Raymond Lam and Karena Ng’s high-profile and loving relationship over the past three years, the couple has reportedly faced much pressure from Raymond’s side of the family.

According to tabloids, Raymond’s father is discontent with Karena’s family background, and this dissatisfaction heightened when his niece Rosina Lin married her CEO boyfriend with family assets worth $2 billion HKD, reports Jayne Stars

Allegedly under stress due to his father’s disapproval of his beloved girlfriend, Raymond is said to be on the verge of falling victim to obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Reporters who have followed him recently revealed he appeared to have worn the same outfit for three entire days.

Raymond was spotted in a black t-shirt, black shorts, black sneakers, black cap, and a black facemask all of the same style. According to a clinical psychologist, if one wears the same outfit for many days and this lasts for a long period of time, it is a sign of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The important factor for this diagnosis is that the person has urges to change the compulsive behaviour but fails to succeed.

The person is also stubborn, has high expectations, is a perfectionist, and usually has high standards of cleanliness.

Whether or not Raymond actually has the disorder requires further observation.

A metaphysician added that Raymond and Karena lacks chances of tying the knot this year, and the fastest time would be next year.

However, if they do not get married next year, the metaphysician predicts high chances of a break-up.

Karena reportedly urged marriage several times, but Raymond hesitantly pushed back the plans, as there are still many factors to consider.

Firstly, he is a singer and actor with a large group of fans, and allegedly believes he should not marry hastily.

In addition, many of Raymond’s fans despise Karena and thinks she does not suit their idol.

Finally, Raymond’s younger brother also reportedly dislikes Karena and refuses to accept her as a member of their family.

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