Why fans worried after seeing Andy Lau's 'raw emotions' for new film

18 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

Source: JayneStars

Andy Lau has been selective in his film projects in recent years, taking on challenging roles with unique storylines. In Saving Mr. Wu, Andy portrays an abducted film star who is confined to chains 80 percent of the entire movie.

Fans became quite worried for Andy’s wellbeing when a promo clip of the movie was released last week, showcasing the actor’s raw emotions as the abducted Mr. Wu.

Director Ding Sheng praised Andy’s ability to bring the character to life. Despite the compliments, Andy humbly expressed his gratitude in working with a pool of talented artistes, including Mainland actor Qianyuan Wang. Andy said, “He’s a worthy opponent on set and off set. On camera, I feel the hostility coming from his character, and off camera, I feel the friendship. He’s Qianyuan Wang and I’m speechless when it comes to his acting.”

Flattered upon hearing Andy’s kind words, Qianyuan said, “Andy was my idol when I was young. And even though I’m older now, he’s still as popular as ever. To be complimented by my idol and to be recognized as his opponent – this is definitely a dream come true.”

Scheduled to open on September 30, Saving Mr. Wu will also star Mainland actor Liu Ye and will guest star real life victim Wu Ruofu, whom the story is loosely based on.

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