Why 44-year-old Jessica Hsuan is in no rush to get married

15 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

Jessica Hsuan earlier attended a radio interview hosted by former TVB actress, Eugina Lau.

The 44-year-old artiste spoke of how she first began her acting career in TVB 22 years ago, and that she met an awesome group of coworkers who quickly became her close friends.

Jessica also added that she is not in a hurry for marriage at the moment, and will leave everything up to fate, reports Jayne Stars

Jessica’s first job since joining the entertainment industry in 1993 was collaborating with Eugina in TVB’s variety show, K100.

She recalled,

“The company lured me into signing the contract at the time by telling me I would receive work immediately afterwards. Everyone was like a family back then – simple and happy. There was no competition, and it was very different from acting in dramas.”

When asked if the sense of competition rose after becoming one of TVB’s top fadans in the 2000s, Jessica remarked,

“Not on my part, but everything became more complicated. I didn’t know what others thought of me. However, I was able to openly share everything with my costars from K100.”

In terms of why Jessica did not continue her career as a host, she explained,

“I don’t think I have a talent for hosting, and don’t think I ever will. It’s okay to be a part of some shows because I get to do it again if I make a mistake. However, I can’t do anything that requires live filming because my lips operate faster than my brain.”

Jessica remembered the time when she felt nauseous and suffered from insomnia because TVB asked her to be a host in one year’s Gala Spectacular.

Fortunately, Lawrence Cheng had been able to ease her nerves. Turning 45 on August 18, Jessica expressed her wish is for her and her friends to be happy and healthy.

She exclaimed that celebrating early had shattered her diet plan, as she could not control her eating once she starts.

When asked if she hopes to marry quickly, Jessica laughed and remarked,

“There’s no need! Wait, I don’t mean there’s no need, but that I should leave it up to fate. I am in no rush!”

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