Who is this blonde model in Justin Bieber's Snapchats?

29 December 2015 / 10 months 3 days ago

Beliebers would have known of Justin's huge Christmas gift to his fans by now, which is his Snapchat username.

The 21-year-old had fans going crazy over a shirtless photo of himself on Instagram and captions directing users to @rickthesizzler, his official Snapchat handle.

While many have flocked over for a glimpse of Bieber's superstar lifestyle, netizens also noticed something in the star's first Snapchat story.

A blonde model was featured in a few snaps, seemingly having fun with Justin, his younger brother Jaxon, and friends.

Now, who is this girl you may ask?

According to EliteDaily, she seems to be the lady who was mistaken as Kourtney Kardashian in one of Justin's Instagram photos earlier on.

It is said that Jasmine Villanueva, the 19-year-old American model is Justin's potential new fling, and some say they do look quite compatible.

Well, at least for now we can be certain that it was a nice day out.

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