What Myolie Wu thinks about ex-BF Bosco Wong dating Japanese model

21 March 2016 / 7 months 5 days ago

Actress Myolie Wu wore a pink dress to attend an event at Tsim Sha Tsui and it was her first public appearance after returning from her long honeymoon.

When the host asked her which city left the best impression after touring more than 10 cities, Myolie replied that the first destination was Hokkaido.

"It is my first time to ski and I fall down many times."

She was also not used to the bank staff calling her Mrs Lee, reports Asian E-News Portal.

On the stage, a boy gave her four kisses and when asked if it increased her desire to have baby, Myolie said: "The Japanese boy is very cute!"

During the interview, Myolie expressed she applied 74 days of leave and wished to continue her leave and her husband wished to spend more time with her:

"We went to 12 cities such as Hokkaido, Tahiti, New Zealand, Los Angeles, New York, London, Belfast, Barcelona, Aegean Sea, Athens, Dubai and Maldives."

When asked if she took the opportunity to make baby, Myolie said:

"You will know it later.

"(Hinting you are expecting?) Unnecessarily.

"(Might happen anytime?) Yes for my husband but I need to build up my body first as it is very important.

"(He wishes to become daddy?) Yes.

"(Yourself?) I am looking forward to it too!

"(Reducing your workload?) Let's nature take its course."

When mentioned celebrating her husband's birthday during honeymoon, Myolie replied she gave him a small present:

"The biggest present is I give myself to him."

She added she gained weight during honeymoon and started to exercise on their last destination, Maldives:

"I become dark as well. I eat and sleep well."

Finally mentioning her old love, Bosco Wong fell in love with a Japanese model, Myolie expressed she was clueless about the reply given by opposite party:

"Most importantly, he is happy and hope he will be as happy as I am when finding his partner."

She added she will work with Tian Liang in Mainland China and Macau next week.

Myolie will be filming in April but the details was not confirmed yet.

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