What Kelly Fu wants to do with Joel Chan before filming bed scene

29 April 2016 / 5 months 4 weeks ago

Hong Kong artistes Joel Chan and Kelly Fu are filming a new TVB series, 'Hot Pursuit'.

The scene illustrated the conman, Joel, getting almost knocked over by Kelly's car. It was a trap set by Joel.

According to Asian E-News Portal,Joel and Kelly had relationship scenes in the series and filmed a sentimental love scene a few days ago.

They will be filming a bed scene subsequently and Kelly said:

"I hope to cultivate our feelings before filming the bed scene and I believe there will be a limit when watching it from the television."

She disclosed she had been practicing playing cards for three hours daily and her hands was in pain.

In the series, Joel acted as a guy with 'magical fingers' and thus have been trying his hand at cards too. However, it was harder as he had short fingers.

When asked if he learned any magic tricks to make his girlfriend happy, Joel said, "There's no need to."

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