What happened? Oscar Leung gets hospitalised and undergoes eye surgery

16 January 2016 / 9 months 1 week ago

TVB actor Oscar Leung was recently hospitalised and underwent eye surgery.

According to JayneStars, he had been experiencing problems with his vision and discovered that he had vascular malformations in his eye.

However, due to his hectic schedule, he only got a chance to go for surgery this week.

He was diagnosed with mascular pulp disease which is mainly caused by stress, pressure, insomnia and large caffeine intake. 

In serious cases, patients may become blind if they do not have the disease taken care of early.

Oscar is currently resting at home and has said he is guilty of excessive coffee intake and had been experiencing more stress and pressure lately due to work.

He said: "Last night when I entered the hospital, they injected some fluorescent agents in me for testing. I had surgery at 8.am th next day. They used laser technology to seal the malformed blood vessels where the blister had formed. This will prevent any effects on my vision."

He i currently advised to avoid sunlight and thus, has shared photos of himself covered from head to toe, wearing a special pair of prescribed sunglasses. 

He advised: "Everyone should stay cautious. Nowadays, many people play on their phones and especially like to lay in bed in the dark while doing so. There are also people who like to drink coffee at night, which increases their intraocular pressure. Everyone should be especially careful and take care of their eyes."

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