What Fala Chen has to say about ex-husband Daniel Sit's relationships

5 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

Fala Chen,33 attended a Juicy Couture function for its new fall and winter collection.

Lately, Fala has been lessening her workload in Hong Kong as much as possible, and has no plans to film any local dramas, reports Jayne Stars.

She added that TVB occasionally sends her drama scripts, but she will not consider filming any television series in the meantime.

Earlier, Fala’s ex-husband Daniel Sit was rumored with singers Cathy Leung and Yu Chiu.

Fala expressed, “I have to look forward! As friends, we contact each other occasionally and I hope he is happy!”

When asked if Fala has questioned Daniel about his current relationship status, Fala exclaimed, “I wasn’t in Hong Kong and was very busy. We never met up! I hope he finds a good woman, because he’s a good man!”

Fala added she is currently still single, although she is not lacking pursuers.

She remarked, “The most important thing is fate!”

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