What Chris Lee did when Nick Cheung had to hit her chest multiple times for scene in movie

19 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

Chow Yun Fat and Nick Cheung Ka Fai continue work on "From Vegas To Macau 3 (DOH SING FUNG WON III).

Early in the film they are framed and sent to prison and Ka Fai has to feel up the new addition, "Lung Yi Sap" played by Chris Lee Yuchun, reports hktopten.

In the film she and a group of interpol officers rescue Fat Gor.

Always dressed in gender neutral clothes, Yuchun was even called "Brother Chun". Wong Jing also took advantage of the gimmick as he put her in sunglasses, short hair. Ka Fai mistook her for a man and smacked her chest when he thanked her.

Then he said with surprise,

"Hey? Your chest is so soft? You are a woman?"

Ka Fai's mouth and eyes were widen in his usual "Dragon" comedy performance.

On the other hand Yuchun continued to remain cool and had no expression. For angles and bad takes, the scene was shot three times. Ka Fai hit Yuchun's chest three time, but they were in character and were not embarrassed at all.

During the break they even sat down and studied the story. Later Ka Fai said that early in FROM 3 he and Lee Yuchun had a lot of scenes together.

They were already very close. "The chest smack" was not awkward.

"Of course we communicated before hand! It won't be natural or entertaining if we kept watching ourselves. Since she had padding I just went for it. It wouldn't be awkward, we took all the safety precautions!"

Yuchun also praised Ka Fai for taking great care of the younger folks. Before hand he even asked if her protection was worn properly.

"We saw each other a lot during this period, we are already rather familiar! It won't be embarrassing."

She also said that in the past she mostly worked on costume films, this time she had the rare chance to hold a gun and felt cool. However because of all the action scenes, Yuchun said that she complained to the director.

"Isn't this a comedy? Why are there so many action scenes?

(Were you injured?) I got a little bruised and scratched up."

How did it feel to work on a comedy? She said that she was able to handle it but she still had a lot to learn.

"This time I have some funny scenes, which I think are very funny! This film's two predecessors all perform very well. Many people like them. I am rather confident in this installment too!"

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