Was this really how women dressed? Iranian magazine reportedly from the 1970s revealed

17 December 2015 / 10 months 1 week ago

It might look normal among the American, British or other magazines, but these would never been seen in Iran today.

According to AsianTown, a magazine reportedly from Iran in the 1970s has been revealed, showing women in rather revealing outfits.

Models wear low-cut tops, showing off their bare legs, arms and hair -- all of which must be covered up today.

They reveal a more western-oriented side, showing women's freedom up until 1979 when the Islamic Revolution took place. 

The images dating from more than 36 years ago and beyond featuring models showing a startling amount of skin, as now women in Iran now cover their hair, arms and necks when they appear in public although they can dress as they like in their home.

Today, all women -- including foreigners -- are required to cover their hair and neck with a scarf. 

It's not clear if the Iranian magazine is still on sale.

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