Wallace Huo returns to work after wedding: 'I feel blessed now'

11 August 2016 / 2 months 2 weeks ago

Taiwan's hot celebrity couple Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin have just recently tied the knot on July 31, but they have already headed back to work.

According to Jaynestars, the couple headed back to work almost immediately. In a recent promotion for his upcoming thriller 'Hide and Seek', Wallace spoke about his filming experiences and current happiness as a newly married man.

While fans may regard Wallace as the perfect man, the 36-year-old proclaims that he possesses a lot of rather annoying qualities.

Wallace humbly admitted that he is just like a normal person besides his acting career.

“I have shortcomings. Sometimes, I get very selfish like a child, and not like my onscreen persona at all. I have so many bad qualities. My mother and fans know. I’m very blunt and I don’t know how to sweet talk. I’ve learned to conceal this more now, and I feel as though my emotional intelligence has improved.”

Although Wallace shared his bad traits, he explained that he is also someone who likes the simple things in life and is not materialistic at all.

In response to being labelled as someone who is overly serious, Wallace refuted, “Actually, I’m a very lively person in real life but I don’t show that side to people I’m not close with. I’m fairly mellow and don’t really know how to talk. I don’t know flattery techniques, but that label definitely doesn’t fit me.”

Despite going back to work so quickly after getting married, Wallace is in an extremely good mood.

Feeling particularly blessed in life right now, Wallace smiled, “There are people who like me after watching my work, and there are people who actually spend money on a movie ticket to watch me. I’m able to earn money on my own and support my family. I feel very happy and blessed right now.”

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