Vicki Zhao to direct upcoming animated film of 'Princess Pearl'

27 January 2016 / 9 months 5 days ago

Mainland Chinese actress Vicki Zhao will direct the upcoming animated film adaptation of 'Princess Pearl', the well-known Qing Dynasty drama that launched her to stardom in 1998.

According to Jaynestars, for two years, rumours have spread that Alibaba Pictures has been planning a movie adaptation of 'Princess Pearl', which was itself based on a novel by writer Chiung Yao.

The production company recently announced that the project was finally being launched – and that the movie would not be live-action but rather an animated film.

“It would be too difficult to find another Little Sparrow,” explained Alibaba CEOZhang Qiang, referring to the leading role portrayed by Vicki in 1998 and by mainland Chinese actress Li Sheng in the 2011 remake of the drama.

"No one would be able to surpass the original. It’s different if we make an animated film,” he went on to say. “We can create an entirely new animated version of Little Sparrow.”

Vicki has been tapped to serve as the film’s director, having graduated with a directing degree from the Beijing Film Academy in 2012. Her directorial debut,So Young, was released in theaters two years ago.

Thus far, Alibaba Pictures has not published any further information regarding when the film will begin production or when it is scheduled for release. Nor is it known whether the cast from the original drama, which includes high-profile actors Alec Su, Ruby Lin, and Fan Bingbing, will be involved in the animated movie adaptation.

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