'Vain' Aimee Chan will not give up high heels even though she's six months pregnant

8 February 2016 / 8 months 2 weeks ago

Six months pregnant Aimee Chan Yan Mei is going on promotion all over Malaysia and Singapore for her film “LET'S EAT” HOI FAN LA! with Chapman To.

According to a report in HKTopTen, Yan Mei was so tough that she won To Man Chak's praises.

"She is great. Because she is pregnant, we worried that she wouldn't come to promote. However she came without saying another word. She even went to so many places. I really have to thank her!,” he said.

During the film's Singapore premiere, To Man Chak's wife Kristal Tin Yui Nei appeared.

Ah Jat joking praised Ah Tin and Chan Yan Mei.

She said: "Yan Mei is great, before she came she tried on over 40 dresses before choosing this one for the premiere. My wife Ah Tin is also great. She tried on one dress and chose it for the premiere."

At the premiere, Ah Jat also constantly lent a hand to Yan Mei who wore heels.

"She is very vain, she wears heels even when she is pregnant. Truly every step is a thrill. I lent her a hand the whole time, I didn't dare to hesitate,” she said.

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