Tracy Chu earns praise from netizens for her perfect portrayal of GF character on TV show

15 February 2016 / 8 months 1 week ago

Tracy Chu is once again topping popularity polls with her performance in K9 Cop.

The series which stars Bosco Womgh and Linda Chung premiered on Tuesday (Feb 9).

On the show, Tracy plays Raymond’s longtime girlfriend of four years who desperately wants him to quit his career of being a police officer so he can inherit his family’s restaurant business.

She even threatens to break up with him, but Raymond, passionate about what he does, refuses to step down.

In the end, Tracy’s older brother, portrayed by Bosco Wong, reminds her of Raymond’s good qualities, and the two make up their differences.

According to a report in Jayne Stars, netizens praised Tracy’s realistic “kong girl” portrayal, commenting that they ended up getting really invested in her character and her relationship with Raymond.

A netizen opened a post to praise Tracy’s performance, calling her “girlfriendable.”

Another netizen shared that he went through a similar experience with his girlfriend. Another commented that though Tracy’s role is very money-minded, she is likable and realistic.

A female netizen said Tracy was spot-on in her “kong girl” approach, saying, “Whether it’s the inside or the outside, Tracy Chu did a really good job with this role. She perfectly acted out the contradictions that women would feel in a relationship.”

Tracy Chu
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