Tosh Zhang defends director of Lingo Lingo music video -- but says he agrees with some critics

6 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

Jocelyn Lee
The New Paper
Sep 4, 2015

Last month, Tosh Zhang found himself in the middle of a mini maelstrom when the Lingo Lingo music video (MV) he starred in drew flak from netizens for portraying a flamboyant, unrealistic lifestyle while celebrating Singlish.

It features the 26-year-old local actor-performer and his entourage rapping in Singlish in the context of supercars and a private jet.

Speaking about the backlash for the first time yesterday, Zhang told TNP:

"Actually, I don't totally disagree with some of the things that netizens have commented on. We are talking about SG50, (yet) we have sports cars and all in the MV, so maybe it didn't really gel with Singaporeans." 

He added:

"However, when I was doing it, I was trying to help the director realise his vision as it is his first MV. It's not right for me to ask him to change stuff as it is his project."

Zhang also clarified that he only penned the lyrics for the parts he performed in the song, and not the whole song.

He said that he is not very affected by the hoo-ha surrounding Lingo Lingo, adding: "So far, the people who listen to my music know my music style, and my track record has been good.

The songs I produce do not get flamed, so I feel that I have been doing well."

Zhang plays Eric Kwek's fervent fan in Mr Unbelievable and hints that he will be sporting a nerdy image, complete with flowery shirts and a centre-parted hairstyle.

He said: "I will keep it a secret for now, 
but it won't be like anything you have seen before."

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