Fans offended by AOA member's tight outfit that 'over-exposed' her chest

28 April 2016 / 5 months 3 weeks ago

A photo of AOA member Choa performing at an event in Japan has the internet abuzz.

First posted on an online community board, netizens are discussing a set of photos showing Choa's performance at an event in Nagoya, Japan.

Dressed in a hot pink racing outfit, the topic these photos have set off is how revealing the dress truly is, with Choa's front zipper lowered significantly enough to show off her chest provocatively during AOA'sperformance of their new Japanese single, 'Give Me Love'.

Netizens have dubbed this 'outfit discrimination' as revealing clothes like these are not usually seen worn by artistes during performances in South Korea as it is deemed inappropriate for broadcast.

However, the outfits are more common when Korean artistes go overseas for promotional events, reported Koreaboo.

While some have shaken their heads in disapproval, other netizens have left comments like, 'Please put this type of outfit in Korea' while some praised Choa for her good body shape.

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