Tokyo photo studio shows how anyone can look like the coolest 'club king'

9 November 2015 / 11 months 3 weeks ago

A host club photo studio in Tokyo, Japan, is showing the magic of a makeover by transforming an average Joe into a 'Kabukicho club king'.

Rocket News 24 sent their Japanese-language reporter Mr Sato for a transformation of his lifetime.

According to their article, he had been struggling with his self-image, so they sent him on a full-on host bar treatment, complete with a photo session commemorating his transformation into a guy so hot women would pay money just to sit and drink with him.

From his everyday look, the wondrous studio transforms him into one of the poster boys seen at Tokyo’s Kabukicho pleasure quarter and its warren of hostess and host bars.

At a visit to the beauty salon, they dyed his hair, did some makeup, trimmed his hair and put him in a suit.

Then, the photo studio did their magic.

Check out the process and how good he looks in the gallery.

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