Thai woman who accused Vic Chou of rape releases alleged text messages with him

19 February 2016 / 8 months 5 days ago
A Thai woman who is accusing singer Vic Chou of rape, cheating on and impregnating her.
According to, the woman nicknamed Pear, held a press conference yesterday (Feb 18).
She had earlier this year accused Vic of having a one-night stand with her when he was filming Go Lala Go in Ko Samui in June last year.
At the conference she said that her 'first time' with Vic was rape:
"It happened a year after [we met]. At first we didn't trust each other. But after hanging out with a group of friends, he started by saying I should come and see him. He made excuses when I came over. He told me to sit on the bed, and asked me to lie down but I wouldn't, so he started slow."
She also revealed that she had developed feelings for him after the first time and sex became consensual.
They had unprotected sex during their five-year relationship and the last time she saw him was in June 2015.
She discovered that she was pregnant and had a miscarriage two months later.
When it was reported that Vic had married Reen Yu in November 2015, she was devastated.
Vic's manager has dismissed her accusation as far-fetched and has gotten a lawyer to handle the case.
However, Pear has released alleged WhatsApp text messages with Vic as evidence.
Many netizens have said the text messages seem dubious as the two parties converse in two languages, Mandarin and English.
You can view them in the gallery below.
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