Thai woman claims Vic Chou had one-night stand with her

6 January 2016 / 9 months 3 weeks ago

After news of Vic Chou's marriage to Reen Yu came out last November, a Thai woman has stepped forward to accuse him of having a one-night stand with her.

According to, the Thai woman claims that she meet Vic when he was filming Go Lala Go in Ko Samui last June.

She was apparently shocked when she read about their wedding news in November and said that Vic never mentioned Reen.

However, when a reporter asked for proof of their relationship, she could only produce text messages, casting doubts on her claims.

Vic's manager has since dismissed the rumours, calling them "ridiculous". Vic has not reacted to the rumours and seems totally unaffected.

He even took his wife to watch Cyndi Wang's concert a few days ago and were apparently seen having sweet interactions throughout the show. He also mentioned to reporters that he is enjoying married life together with his wife.

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