Teenage bodybuilder’s heart artery bursts after he took steroids to look like The Rock

26 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

A 19-year-old bodybuilder who had aspirations of becoming the next Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has lost his life after bursting an artery in his chest.

When Andrej Galdos’ thoracic aorta ruptured outside a Tesco supermarket in the seaside town of Weston-super-Mare, his heart weighed a staggering 680g. Dr. John Oxley who carried out the postmortem exam said, “A normal heart weighs between 400 and 500g. He wasn’t a normal man.”

The Slovakian-born teen weighed around 127kg and stood at a staggering 7ft 2in. He had dreams of becoming the next Rock, but unfortunately it was his desire to replicate the success of his idol that killed him, reports Viral Thread.

The fitness fanatic worked out twice a day and used steroids to help him bulk up – four different types were found in his flat and traces of both anabolic steroids and testosterone were found in his body at the time of death. Dr. Oxley revealed that he had “never met a man so big.”

The teenager had enlarged organs but he couldn’t categorically say whether this was due to substance abuse or a genetic abnormality. He said, “Steroids would have enlarged his heart, and having a big heart predisposes thoracic rupture.”

However, Andrej’s GP suspected that he may have suffered from acromegaly, a disorder caused by the extra production of growth hormones. Plus the teen had previously been diagnosed with lung issues, including bronchiectasis, which meant he suffered with unusually wide airways.

Following his death Andrej’s grieving family have put together a fundraising page for his burial. His mother said, ” He was known and loved by many people. Burying your son isn’t something anyone should ever have to do.”

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