21-year-old who was bullied for uncanny resemblance to Taylor Swift hits back at haters

26 January 2016 / 9 months 14 hours ago

If you ever see Kietra Jane on the street, you’ll definitely mistake her for international superstar Taylor Swift.

The 21-year-old Chi Omega at the University of Utah has even had people mistaking her cat for Taylor’s cat Meredith.

Despite all the fun and games, being the spitting image of Taylor Swift does have its downside, reports TheChive.

Kietra has experienced the wrath of internet trolls on her social media as one called her “a fatter Taylor Swift.”

But due to her recent notoriety, Kietra has developed a thick skin, and has learned to deal with these cyber bullies accordingly, killing their negative comments with kindness.

Check out the gallery below to see that is filled with images of Keitra and Taylor Swift, let us know if you can identify the star.

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