Teacher who had £50 fillers in Thailand ends up with wart-like lumps on sore lips

12 January 2016 / 9 months 2 weeks ago

A 24-year-old British woman living in Bangkok was left with hard, wart-like lumps on her lips after she got £50 fillers at a Thai clinic.

According to a report in AsianTown via Mail Online, Amelia Greville’s lips became “mangled” shortly after jabs.

She saw a deal for Juvéderm lip fillers online and purchased it as it is the brand Kylie Jenner uses.

The woman originally from Redditch, Worcestershire, was not concerned about the cheap price as Juvéderm fillers normally cost up to £400 in the UK and she believed Groupon was a “trusted site”.

She had researched the brand, and discovered that the fillers are non-permanent. Amelia added she considered a cosmetic procedure such as this similar to “getting your hair dyed”.

After having the injections in April last year she was initially happy with her new look, as her lips were much plumper. But within months she was devastated when hard, wart-like lumps formed on her mouth.

Amelia then went public with her story as she needed to raise £1,500 for surgery to correct her swollen lips.

Thankfully after her story was shared online, the original clinic contacted her and donated most of the money towards the treatment, which she will have as soon as possible at a specialist hospital.

Recalling the moment she first noticed lumps forming in her links, she said: “I looked in the mirror and looked horrific. I cried to my boyfriend at the time, but I didn't tell anyone back home.

“Your lips are right there on your face… Mine looked grotesque.

“Now I try to never smile with my mouth open because I’ve got these massive three lumps.

“Whenever I meet someone new I’m self-conscious, I think ‘they must be looking at my lips’.”

Amelia added she felt so uncomfortable with her unsightly lips that it put a strain on her relationship. 

The couple eventually broke up.

She continued: “I really didn't want to be kissed, and I still shy away from it.” Worse, she says she can't stop herself from licking and biting the lumps.

“I’m compelled to do it. It's like my body is saying ‘there's something foreign in your lip’. If I touch them they're so sore,” she said.

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