'Taylor Swift's boyfriend-switching is faster than an Eminem rap song'

20 June 2016 / 4 months 1 week ago

Let's admit it -- Pop princess Taylor Swift is famous for having dated multiple famous stars, her short-lived relationships with them, and going on to write songs about her numerous breakups.

For awhile, it seemed like she finally found The One and her happy ending in Calvin Harris. It even looked like they were definitely going to settle down together... until it was announced two weeks ago that they had split.

Even more shockingly, 26-year-old Swift was spotted making out with actor Tom Hiddleston not long after, much to the dismay of his fans who felt that he deserved someone 'much better''.

Someone has illustrated a timeline of Swift's many relationships with all her exes and how long each of them lasted, and posted them on Facebook in an album captioned: "In reality, Taylor's boyfriend-switching is faster than Eminem's rap."

There are also funny 'Loki' and 'Thor' memes mocking her latest romance.

Check them all out in the gallery.

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