Tang Chi Wai reportedly lets GF Samantha Ko use his credit card 'freely'

27 January 2016 / 9 months 3 days ago


Chinese media 'Hao Bao' recently revealed Samantha Ko's three-year secret romance with 40-year-old music guru Tang Chi Wai.

According to Asian E-News Portal, the 29-year-old Ko is famous for her fit body figure 34D cup size.

It was also rumoured that Tang allowed her to use his credit card freely. Around 1 year ago, they cohabited next at Oceanaire and established three rules such as not to return home together and to disguise themselves before returning in order to protect their relationship and his girlfriend's career.

Hence, Samantha Ko pretended to return to her home in Mong Kok and not to know each other upon discovering the reporters' presence.

On Jan 21 before the exposure of their romance, Samantha ate Japanese cuisine with Sarah Song and Jason Chan at Kowloon after attending an event. They ate until 9.30pm and went for shopping without Jason, and left after around an hour later. Samantha appeared to be in a good mood and greeted the reporters upon discovering them at the carpark.

Thus, Samantha returned to her 'safe' home in Mong Kok with the reporters chasing behind her. However, Samantha appeared at the love nest in Oceanaire today after the exposure of her romance.

Around 2.30pm in the afternoon, she drove towards Admiralty from Oceanaire and was smiling at the reporters upon alighting from the car. When asked about questions related to her relationship, Samantha replied she was in a hurry and will have answers when attending event tomorrow.

When the reporters from ON.CC contacted Samantha, she replied via message: "Haha! Thank you for promoting Love as a Predatory Affair series!"

As for Tang Chi Wai, he had the same reply: "Thank you for your concern and I do not have any reply."

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