Taiwanese band member caught grabbing, kissing and lifting shirt of female singer Bao'er

8 January 2016 / 9 months 2 weeks ago

Taiwanese band, Magic Power’s vocalist Gaga created a stir last year after an intimate 'skirt-lifting' video with Amber An was exposed.

Shortly after, Gaga was hit by a series of scandals one after another when his girlfriend accused him of cheating. Amber unknowingly became the fourth party. Following his negative reports, his recording label Bin Music Taipei grounded him for 6 months.

After being lifted off the ban last month, Gaga apologised publicly and said that he had received his punishment. He also declared that he was single and would now focus on his career.

However, barely after a month, Gaga was filmed kissing and behaving inappropriately on the street. According to Asian Pop News, the woman was Popu Lady’s Bao’er!

On December 23, Bao’er was seen walking out from a pub towards a convenience store. She was seen sulking and looking angry when she was in the store. Shortly after, Gaga walked out from the pub and headed towards the store.

When he saw Bao’er, he immediately grabbed her and hugged her, but Bao’er still looked annoyed. Suddenly, Gaga knelt down and this tactic helped to melt the angry Bao’er.

Gaga then pulled Bao’er into a dark corner, and he suddenly lifted up her shirt! The pair shared a passionate kiss afterwards. At about 5am, the couple headed home together.

Bao’er has responded through her recording label, HIM International Music that Gaga is friend whom she admired, but they are currently not in a relationship. She also wrote a note on her Facebook, “Believe. Honesty.”

Meanwhile, Amber declined to respond on Gaga and Bao’er’s scandal, saying that they have not contacted for a long time.

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