Sun Yao Qi apologises for exposing that Chen Xiao used to date Zanilia Zhao before Michelle Chen

9 July 2016 / 3 months 3 weeks ago

Artiste Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao fell in love with each other after filming The Romance of the Condor Heroes drama and will be getting married on 19 July.

However, it has been rumoured that he had a relationship with Chinese actress Zanilia Zhao before, reports Asian E-News Portal

Sun Yao Qi exposed that Chen Xiao and Zanilia dated together before during a live broadcast a few days ago.

She denied that Michelle was the third party and it became a hot topic among netizens as a result.

After the news was released, the production staff, Yu Zheng from The Romance of the Condor Heroes drama, replied on Weibo: "To someone: please refrain from talking rubbish during live broadcast! It is full of nonsense and does not increase your popularity."

He then deleted the message after that.

Six days ago on Weibo, Yao Qi issued a public apology: "I did not think properly when having a live broadcast with my fans for the first time and it cause disturbances to my friends instead. Hence, my teacher and senior were disappointed.

"I am really sorry and hope everyone will forgive me. I will be more cautious next time and please stop discussing about this gossip, as it is meaningless."

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