Stephy Tang breaks down in tears multiple times: 'Everyone thought we had a fairytale'

29 March 2016 / 7 months 2 days ago

Yesterday, Stephy returned from her Taiwan trip and addressed her breakup at the airport. An emotional Stephy even broke down many times during the interview.

Looking very emotionally drained, Stephy said that she and her mother went for a trip together a few days ago. Her mother returned to Hong Kong first, while she went to Taiwan on her own.

Stephy also said that she dared not read about her breakup news as she wanted to calm down first, reported Asian Pop News.

Choking back on her tears, Stephy said, “It’s not so easy to respond on it. We decided it quickly. We had to announce and respond at the same time. I did not have time to digest, so I took a break for about 10 days.

"I wanted to calm down first before facing everyone. I hope everyone understand that relationship is between two parties. We were together for so many years, and it’s really not easy to explain the cause of our breakup in two or three sentences.”

“Everyone thought that we had a fairytale story, but we are also like a normal couple. We need to face many problems. When problems accumulate, it’s hard to explain and solve.”

Stephy also clarified her relationship with her female volleyball coach.

“Pictures of me and a female friend were taken. If you use normal angle to look at it, the matter will not be so complicated. (Afraid of being seen as a lesbian?) I did not think of such thing. She is just one of my female friends. Please do not speculate. Besides hurting us, it will hurt my friends too.”

Asked if there would be any chance to reconcile with Alex, Stephy did not rule out the possibility and said, “It depends on fate. We are very good friends for now. I hope that we can continue to collaborate and maintain a good relationship.”

See images of Stephy in tears below.

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