Actor tears off Kelly Fu's clothes and squeezes her butt in bed scene -- but she wanted it to be 'rougher'

9 October 2015 / 1 year 1 week ago

Ruco Chan, Kelly Fu , and Otto Chan went on a radio show on Tuesday to promote their TVB anniversary drama series, Captain of Destiny.

In an episode aired earlier this week, Kelly’s character Ha-sim gets sexually assaulted by Stephen Wong’s character, Hon Yung.

However, viewers were more struck with an even earlier scene, in which Stephen roughly squeezed Kelly’s bottom, reports Jayne Stars

Kelly said, “He really did squeeze me there. We talked a lot about the scene before shooting, and I told Stephen to bring it on.”

Kelly added that Stephen really did tear off her clothes, and everything was done in only one take.

“After watching the scene again, I feel like we could have made it more intense. If I’m to do a similar scene in the future, I’ll tell my partner to be rougher on me.”

Ruco said that he’s not very experienced when it comes to bed scenes. Professing that he’s interested in doing them, he laughed and said, “I need to chat with the producer.”

When asked who he wanted to do his bed scene with, Ruco immediately said, “Kelly! She has experience now. And she has a great body.”

On some of his most memorable scenes in the drama, Ruco said he found his fight scenes rather hard to do.

He shared, “There was one scene where I had to fight off enemies while riding a horse with Kelly hugging me from behind. It’s a great scene. I never had to do action scenes like that before.”

Unfortunately, Kelly said she sustained a lot of bruises on her legs from Ruco’s sword. 

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