Sorry, guys: IU is no longer single and is dating Chang Kiha

9 October 2015 / 1 year 2 weeks ago

Source: allKpop

Rumors of IU's relationship have circulated the Korean entertainment sphere and recently, the singer's agency, Loen Tree, confirmed her relationship with Chang Kiha of indie band Chang Kiha and the Faces.

IU has since publicly acknowledged her burgeoning love with the fellow musician through a post on her official fan cafe:

"It's nearing two years since we met. I met him for the first time through a radio show and I fell for him at once. I learn a lot from him and am thankful towards him. We have a normal relationship where we share good and bad moments. The news may come as a surprise but I think it's time we made our relationship public. For now, I'll do what I have to do the best I can. I sincerely hope your day wasn't made worse [with this news]."

According to Loen Tree, the two initially started off as friends back in 2013, but gradually developed their relationship into something more.

Chang Kiha also wrote on his fan cafe acknowledging his relationship with IU.

He said, "I met IU in October of 2013 when she was a guest on my radio show. After having a conversation with her, I thought, 'She is a really cool person.' When I talked with her later, I found with great surprise that she also saw me in a good light.

After realizing our mutual liking for each other, it's already been nearly two years," and described IU as someone who is a "thankful and precious person" in his life and continued,

"She is a kindhearted friend who I rely on the most during difficult times and someone I really, really learn from a lot whether it's in life or in music."

The singer concluded, "We will continue our relationship so that the people who care about us won't be worried. We will support each other and make better music than before. Thank you to everyone who took an interest in us."

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