So adorable! Myolie Wu surprises husband Philip Lee with sneaky kiss

21 May 2016 / 1 year 5 days ago

Newlyweds Myolie Wu and Philip Lee are often separated due to their busy schedules.

That's why when they take the effort to see each other, it's super sweet.

According to JayneStars, Philip flew to Taiwan to attend his friend's wedding.

Myolie was busy promoting her new play in China but finished work early to give Philip a surprise visit.

In a video posted on Philip's Instagram capturing the sweet moment, Myolie was seen sneaking up behind her husband and giving him a kiss from behind.

It took Philip by surprise and he instantly froze up.

He awkwardly asked, "who is this?" before turning around to see his wife.

He then turned visibly red and jumped out of his seat and pulled Myolie in for a hug.

After recovering from his shock, he said:

“I should’ve told the person who kissed me that I was married!”

Watch the video below.

Myo Wu
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