Snow Suen accidentally reveals her bra while cosplaying

4 August 2016 / 9 months 3 weeks ago

Actress Snow Suen was dressed in a cosplay outfit to promote an animation with Internet celebrities and they played games together.

When asked about her old love, Edwin Lo was pointed to have a fake break-up and cohabitation, reports Asian E-News Portal.

Snow said: "We broke-up 6 months ago and the break-up has many reasons. He is slightly scared as the media keep posting photos of him after the break-up. We still meet up now.

(Any chance to reconcile?) "Yes as really cannot bear to."

As for Edwin, Snow was full of praises and gave him 100 marks: "He is the best so far." 

(See him as your marriage partner?) "It is natural at our age."

(It is pointed you do not reject other suitors?) "I am a devoted person."

(Does he trust you?) "Yes, he has absolute confidence in me and he is the only one for the past years."

Mentioning about they were pointed to argue at the street, Snow explained: "We are not arguing and a truck blocked us when driving. He then alighted, kept taking photos of us and reporting to the police. Hence, we feel very helpless at that time."

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