'Snake spirit boy' claims his features are natural -- but childhood photos surface

15 October 2015 / 1 year 6 days ago

Oct 15, 2015

An 18-year-old Chinese teen who had previously become an internet celebrity for his pale complexion, huge eyes and v-shaped chin is in the spotlight again, after photos of him as a child surfaced online, casting doubt on his claim that his features are natural.

In May this year, Liu Zi-chen attracted attention online after he posted pictures of himself posing in the nude on piles of cash. Many netizens had left him angry messages at the time.

He was given the nickname "snake spirit boy", as netizens expressed doubt over his claim about his natural features.

New photos purportedly of Liu as a child have been leaked recently. The boy in these photos has eyes much smaller than Liu's, and his jawline is also significantly less sharp.

When Liu first found Internet fame, netizens dug up an old passport photo of his and contrasted it with his current appearance.

At the time, Liu rebutted accusations that he had undergone plastic surgery, and claimed his jaw had transformed naturally through the use of a special face mask, English-language tabloid website Shanghaiist reported.

Responding to the latest photos on Weibo, Liu reiterated that he had never gone for any plastic surgery.

He said: "I used to look this way many years ago, but since then I have gotten thinner. I do not go for plastic surgery because I am naturally perfect."

He accused detractors of being jealous of him.

Earlier this year, pictures of a 16-year-old girl who underwent full-body plastic surgery also went viral online. The girl, Lienxi Danae, reportedly underwent the extensive procedure to win back an old boyfriend.

Netizens also called her "snake spirit", referring to a white serpent in Chinese mythology which could change into a beautiful woman but remain trapped in an eerily white skin, China Daily reported.

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