SISTAR's Soyu scares fans when she almost falls during performance

22 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

Source: allkpop

It sure doesn't look easy being an idol. SISTAR's Soyu was in a very dangerous situation recently, during a live performance of "Shake It" at the Gyeongju 'Hallyu Dream Festival 2015.

The singer slips precariously on the stage in the midst of the performance, almost falling. From the looks of it, if Soyu had actually fallen, she would have either fallen hard on her behind or fallen headfirst over the stage, which may have resulted in serious injuries. Thankfully, Soyu managed to regain her balance, steadying herself back into an upright position with the help of Bora and Hyorin who were closest to her. 

Soyu, shaken from the shock she received, walks gingerly off the stage at the direction of a concerned Hyorin. However, as she is walking off, Soyu slips yet again. Not too long after, Soyu walks back on stage to ironically sing her lines, "I keep shaking, shaking."

You can watch Soyu overcoming her dangerous moment in this clip at around the 1:45 mark. 

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