Shirley Yeung explains what she was doing in van with married businessman

27 September 2015 / 1 year 4 weeks ago

A while ago, Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) was photographed sharing a van with a wealthy businessman who is speculated to be her new boyfriend. Upon spotting reporters, the 37-year-old actress quickly hid in the backseat in hopes of not being recognized.

According to Jayne Stars, when it was revealed that the businessman already has a wife, netizens pointed fingers at her for being a third party.

In a recent interview, Shirley denied the rumors and emphasized she does not want to affect others with such baseless gossip. Shirley clarified that the man is only a friend, and since he has his own family, she does not want tabloids to make up stories.

When asked if she knows the man’s wife, Shirley expressed, “No, she is my friend’s friend. I don’t want you guys to frighten them [with these reports].” She added there is no need to explain matters to her friend’s wife, because they should all understand.

Speaking of how she “hid” in the backseat, Shirley emphasized, “I wasn’t hiding; I didn’t want to affect my friend and tried to avoid being photographed with him. I already apologized to him for all this inconvenience.”

In terms of the van, Shirley explained, “It’s not mine. I hired a driver to pick up my daughter from school, and the car is his.”

In response to netizens calling her a “third party” and a “husband-stealer”, Shirley exclaimed, “Really? That’s just funny! Why don’t they go watch some dramas first? It’s hard to control what other people say. It’s fine as long as I know I’m not [a third party].”

When asked if she is able to accept dating a married man, Shirley replied, “I’ve never thought about such complicated matters.”

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