Sexy K-pop queen HyunA thinks she doesn't suit 'pure' image

23 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

HyunA, one of the female K-Pop idols who can proudly wear the title 'Queen of Sexy,' revealed her true feelings on the concept behind her recent comeback with "Because I'm the Best." 

According to allkpop, cable channel OBS, who held an interview with HyunA before she officially made her comeback, revealed the contents of the talk they had with the singer.

According to HyunA, she doesn't believe that a 'pure concept' would suit her well.

When questioned if she has any intention to transform her image into a more clean image, HyunA answered, "I'm so not good at it and it doesn't fit me," and added, "I don't have the courage to compete against the other artists [doing pure concepts].

"If I'm not confident about something, I don't do it. There are already plenty of idols who are great at the innocent concept." 

The singer continued, "If I hadn't done "Red," and not filmed this trailer [for the comeback] then I may have been able to do [a pure concept]. But I've come too far.

"This is the image that I've built up so I'll show you a lot of things [through my sexy image]." 

HyunA then went on to say that she is a fan of G-Friend and A Pink!

She confided, "Personally, I like pure idol groups like G-Friend and A Pink. I feel better when I see them so I closely watch them and even emulate them. But when I do it, it strangely looks weird and doesn't look right." 


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